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How to save hours on designs and floor plans while saving money and improving workflows

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Want to improve your workflow while saving time & money? Here's how...

By using our service, we can provide you with accurate, real-time point cloud data for renovation projects or as-builts quickly and easily.  The days of having to go to site and measure up are over! We can provide you with:

  • Accurate site & volumetric measurements

  • Real-time point cloud data to analyse or convert to BIM-enabled files

  • Geo-spatial meshes 

  • Project manage / Risk assessment / Tolerance Check tools for your build

  • Get accurate, to scale floor plans quickly and easily for as-built projects

Using colourised point cloud data from 3D scans allows you to analyse and inspect sites without ever having to go to site. Missed a measurement? No problem! Simply refer back to your point cloud data and pull any measurement you need.

You can use the point cloud data to create floor plans, 3D models or check building progression simply and easily.

Keen to play around with some sample point cloud data?

To find out more information on our services or book a demo visit:

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