About PX-80

How does the PX-80 scanner work?

PX-80 is a compact hand-held laser scanner capable of full 6-DoF positional tracking. PX-80 uses Paracosm’s proprietary SLAM technology which is a unique fusion of LiDAR, color imagery, and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data. This fusion makes our scanner robust and reliable in a variety of environments.

What is included in a PX-80 order?

PX-80 comes with all the software and hardware needed to start scanning. Orders include: - PX-80 handheld LiDAR scanner - hard shell protective carrying case - Apple® iPad mini™ 4 - protective iPad case & pole mount - extension pole - Capture (scanning app for iOS) - beta access to Retrace (spherical image viewer for Windows) - 1 year hardware warranty & software maintenance package.

What is the scanning range and accuracy of the PX-80?

Range: 0.5-80 meters. PX-80 scans currently provide 2-3cm relative accuracy and +/- 3-30 cm global accuracy. We define relative accuracy as what you can measure from a single LiDAR sweep, where as global accuracy is what you can expect the end-to-end accuracy to be in a 10 minute scan. The accuracy is consistent throughout the range and not affected by sunlight.

Does PX-80 have a built-in GPS? Are the scans geolocated?

PX-80 does not currently have built-in GPS so each point cloud is not associated with any coordinate system. To position a scan within your project, you can use site control to add real-world coordinates. This can be done in a variety of 3rd party point cloud processing tools.

What’s the battery life?

2019 PX-80 Battery Life: 2019 PX-80 internal battery: 40 min 1 external battery: 90 min Standard Bundle (PX-80 + 1 ext): 2 hrs 15 min Standard Bundle plus Pro Kit (PX-80 + 3 ext): 5 hrs

Charging Time: 2019 PX-80 Internal Battery: 126 min Paracosm External Battery: 180 min

What is the min/max points spacing?

Because the PX-80 is a mobile scanner, point spacing depends on a variety of factors such as range, scanning speed, and scanning path. At 10 m points are typically .5-3.5 cm apart, and at 80 m points are typically 5-100 cm apart.

What is the Pro Kit?

The Pro Kit is an accessory pack for PX-80 power users. This kit is useful for those who scan frequently and for long periods of time. It includes a harness to ease arm fatigue, 2 external batteries to enable additional hours of scanning, and extra mounting hardware for low speed vehicles, external frame backpacks, or drones. Pro Kits are compatible with PX-80 (v1.3) purchased in 2019.

How long does it take to scan? What’s the scanning speed?

Total scan time is largely dependent on the environment. For example, a 10,000 sq ft office complex might take longer than a 50,000 sq ft warehouse. The short answer: scan time is about the time it takes to walk through a space. With the PX-80, you can scan at an estimated 3 mph. At an average walking pace, you can typically capture 2,000-3,000 sq ft a minute, at 300,000 points per second.

How long does it take to setup?

Since PX-80 doesn’t need targets or tripods, there’s not much setup involved. Once PX-80 is turned on, it takes about 20 seconds for the LiDAR to initialize at the start of each scan.

What is the processing time?

Scan time to processing time is about 1 to 4. You can choose to process after each scan or wait until the end of your project to batch process them all at once.

Does it run real-time? How do I know if I’ve successfully captured what I needed?

The Capture app provides a real-time preview of your scan. This preview shows the points capture in real-time to provide user feedback for the environment being scanned.

How much can the scanner move?

Our SLAM tracks 6-DoF, but for best results, we recommend scanning at a slow and steady pace. You can rotate the device to capture at different angles, but we recommend only having significant movement on one axis at a time. The beauty of a handheld system is that you can move it to capture at unique angles and fit into tight spaces.

Can I scan reflective surfaces?

Mirrors will always reflect but won't necessarily ruin a scan. Extra noise created by reflective surfaces can usually be cropped out afterward.

Does it work indoors and outdoors? What are the lighting requirements?

Yes! PX-80’s LiDAR sensor, Velodyne’s VLP-16, is designed for autonomous vehicles, so it operates well in a variety of environmental conditions. Light isn’t required for the LiDAR to work, but it helps the camera colorize the scans.

Do I need WiFi to scan or process my data?

WiFi is not needed to scan. PX-80 and Capture (the scanning app) has its own connection and does not rely on WiFi to function. All processing is done on device. USB and Ethernet ports are available to transfer point clouds.

Is loop closure required?

Our SLAM algorithm does have loop closure, but loop closure is not required to get a good scan. If you are scanning for long linear distances (like multiple city blocks or long winding interior hallways) then we recommend loop back to the starting position to help correct any drift that might have occurred.

What software is included?

PX-80 has an internal processor which includes software that produces point clouds. The other software we provide is Capture, an iOS scanning app used to operate the scanner and beta access to Retrace, our spherical imagery viewer.

Do I need any additional software?

PX-80 comes with everything you need to scan and produce colorized point clouds and spherical imagery. The resulting data may be used in any point cloud viewing software. Our file types (.las, .ply) are standard point cloud formats compatible with most point cloud, CAD, and BIM tools including Autodesk & Bentley software suites.

What point cloud tool can I use?

Tasks like point cloud registration, cropping, sectioning, editing, and viewing can be done in a variety of popular tools already on the market. Our favorite free tools are CloudCompare & Autodesk ReCap.

In what format is the imagery featured in Retrace? What’s the resolution?

The imagery from the top camera is 360 horizontal x 250 vertical. The images are available as a cubic or cubemap .jpeg format. They are not equirectangular. The resolution of the camera is 3.2mp.

How are scans registered?

We recommend using CloudCompare for registration. To make registration easier, we recommend capturing about 30% of overlap in each scan. Targets can be used, but are not required.

What happens if my PX-80 isn’t working? How are repairs handled?

All warranty major repairs are done by Paracosm, in their facility located in Gainesville, Florida. If a unit needs repair, contact support@archi-tech.co.za to receive RMA instructions. Once the unit has been repaired, we will ship it back to you. We aim to turn around all repairs within 7-14 business days of from the time we receive it.

Are there ways to improve the accuracy?

Yes, our team is always exploring methods to improve accuracy. Unlike tripod mounted scanners, we solve for motion (6-DoF) which is a much more difficult problem. The biggest benefit to our solution is that its mobile, easy to use, and the overall workflow is 15x fasterthan traditional methods. Many of our customers will happily trade mm accuracy for an easier data capture solution.

What about drift?

Drift is an inherent challenge for SLAM-based systems. While drift is not noticeable in small area scans, it may become a problem in larger areas. For large areas, we recommend returning to starting location before finishing a scan to close the loop. This method will help our system correct for drift.

What are the calibration requirements?

We recommend sending the unit to us every 12-18 months (during building holidays is normally best advised for South African device holders) to update the calibration. Contact support@archi-tech.co.za for calibration requests.

Is PX-80 safe?

Yes, the LiDAR sensor in PX-80 is a class 1 laser product, which is considered the safest kind of laser and will not damage your eyes. According to the manufacturer, the laser has about 0.02% of the power output in a standard 10-watt LED headlamp bulb on a low-beam setting.

What is the level of security and IT?

All captured data stays on the device and is not uploaded to the internet. Data can be transferred to local devices by USB, ethernet, or an external hard drive. Crash reports are only uploaded to our servers to help debug any issues users might have.

What is the expected tolerance difference between Paracosm’s scanner and a typical stationary scanner?

A study comparing PX-80 against the Farox330 showed an average difference of ¼”.

How can I schedule a live demo or try the scanner on a project?

Yes! We understand that many prospective customers feel more comfortable adopting new technology when they’ve had the chance to try it first. Check out our demo page and let us know if you're interested in taking the PX-80 for a test drive.

Our Services

Can we hire a scanner for individual based projects?

Yes! While we don’t hire out the device alone, we do offer a scanning service whereby we send one of our trained experts out to your site to complete a scan for you. We then send you the required data to use as needed.

What industries or use cases can scanning be used for?

We can assist with scanning for any use case or industry - from forestry, construction, mining, insurance records, marine vessels, engineering, as-builts, architecture, project and facilities management and more! To find out if your project is suitable to scanning, email support@archi-tech.co.za or submit a request here.

Can you do Virtual Tours?

Yes! Using our 360 Cameras, we can create virtual tours for almost any space - from Hotels and retail spaces to residential properties for sale. This is an ideal solution for those wanting to showcase accommodation (like Airbnb, hotels or properties for sale) as well as those wanting to update their Google Street Views or verify their Google Location.

Can you update or verify my Google Location & Street View?

Yes! Using our 360 Camera we can create virtual tours and views for almost any space - from hotels and retail spaces to residential property for sale. This is an ideal solution for those wanting to showcase accomodation (like Airbnb, hotels or property for sale) as well as those wanting to update their Google Street Views or verify their Google Location.

Do you offer software to assist with scans?

Yes! We have partnered with a number of leading software providers as well as can recommend a number of external software options to use for your specific requirements. Feel free to get in touch with us for advice or recommendations on the best tools for your specific needs. (Contact: support@archi-tech.co.za)

Do you offer technical support?

Yes! We are always happy to help. If you are struggling with data from a scan or require specific data, documents or BIM enabled files we can gladly assist.

Can you create floor plans and architectural documentation for us?

Yes! Our skilled and experienced Architects are on hand to assist with any architectural documentation, audits and building budgets you may require. We can also assist with Tolerance checks, audits, plans, renovations, consultation advice and council submissions.

Our legal team is able to offer assistance with any property related matters, including conveyancing & transfers, disputes, dealing with Body Corporates and Home owners Associations, as well as drafting of special resolutions & JBCC contracts.

Can I pull measurements from my 3D scan?

Absolutely! You can pull measurements from your scan using the built-in software as well as through a number of third-party software applications. You can also pull your scan into most BIM software applications if needed.

Do you sell PX-80 Scanners?

Yes, we are the authorised resellers for the PX-80 in Southern Africa and can assist with demos, questions, quotes and local technical support.

Where are you based? And what areas do you service?

Our Head Office is in Cape Town, we do however have representation in Gauteng as well.

We currently provide the bulk of our services to the greater Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces; however, we are able to travel to all parts of Southern Africa for larger, Industrial, commercial, agricultural, mining or forestry projects outside of these Provinces.

The PX-80 can be purchased from us throughout South Africa with delivery to your door.



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