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GIS Mapping Solutions for Agricultural Applications

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Terrestrial Lidar Scanners are widely used in many areas and, in recent years, that includes agricultural tasks. With the development of handheld mobile 3D scanners, the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of using lidar data has grown significantly and has allowed for greater use and improved data in the agricultural sector. 

Handheld Lidar Scanners are easy to use, lightweight and are battery operated - allowing them to cover large areas and previously hard to reach spaces or rugged terrain quickly, easily and cost-effectively in comparison to traditional Lidar scanning methods (such as airborne or tripod terrestrial scanners).

Archi Tech’s handheld 3D scanning technology and services for documenting indoor and outdoor spaces captures hi-res, colourised point clouds in virtually any space – big or small. Point Cloud files provide you with a dimensionally accurate 3D digital twin of the space around you in order to measure and analyse geospatial data faster and more accurately.

3D Lidar scanning can be used for a number of applications within the agricultural sector – from analysing orchard canopy volumes  & structure (to capture and understand the height, width and volume of orchards as well as light penetrability), understanding geometrical and structural information of crop rows, land surveying, spatial usage and capacity of farmland as well as for volumetric calculations for stockpile management of grain, feed or harvesting of produce.

3D Lidar scanning can also help pull insightful decision support data for operational needs within farming such as for irrigation, fertilization or canopy management.

Archi Tech offer both 3D Lidar Scanning services, hardware and software in order to capture, understand and manage the data that is captured, ensuring you have an all-encompassing solution that provides improved data for better decision making while minimising errors and stock losses -  saving you time and money!

To find out more about Archi Tech’s 3D Lidar Scanning Services & Technology visit  or email -

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