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Below is the demo VR video for Starve the Algorithm - A spatial VR narrative with puppets, video, and animation.

In 2020, FuturePerfect invited internationally acclaimed artist William Kentridge to collaborate on a new virtual work called “Starve the Alogorithm.”

After a series of workshops organized by FuturePerfect, the work grew into an experimental visual and spatial narrative inhabited by fragments and traces of Kentridge’s ideas, materials and understanding of history.

In this 10 min exploration, participants encounter an architecture of interlocking rooms—the artist’s studio, a kinetic theater, a hall of curiosity cabinets, and finally into an enormous amphitheater taken over by a dancing megaphone and fan puppet. Each audience’s interactions form a horizon of meaningful connections—an arc of possibilities, but not necessarily a plot or story.

Archi Tech aided in the creation of the production by scanning many of the assets used in the digital animation, including the studio, miniature sets and puppets.

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