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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Handheld Lidar scanners will never replace the trusted tripod scanners, but depending on the industry you are in and the use case in which you use a scanner, a handheld device could be much more benificial for you.

Here are 3 main reasons you should consider a handheld lidar scanner.

1. You can ditch the Tripod

The most obvious benefit of going handheld is that you can scan as you move at a normal walking speed. No more setting up the scanner on the tripod, leaving the room, scanning, coming back in, moving the scanner to the next location, and repeating, over, and over, and over again. This benefit alone can greatly save and improve on your workflow, budget, and timeline.

2. Flexability! You can capture more complex spaces

A handheld device allows for greater flexibility when it comes to the kinds of spaces you can capture. Being able to bring your handheld lidar into small, enclosed spaces where you couldn't fit a tripod or being able to capture an entire exterior of a building in one go, or even remove a ceiling tile and pop your scanner up into the ceiling to get a better ideal of electricals and utilities suddenly becomes possible with a handheld device. This means you now have access to data you never had before!

3. Save on Time, Money and Staff

Because a handheld device only requires one opperator and the area can be walked without any stop/start set up of scanners or having to move a tripod around, a scan can be completed much quicker with less overheads. On average a handheld scanner has proven to be up to 8X faster than traditional tripod scanners and when taking all related field costs into account 10X less expensive too.

There are a number of other benifits to using a handheld 3D Scanner, like being able to scan larger spaces (faster and easier), being really easy to use and being even easier to transport and carry around.

Still need to see it to believe it? Book a demo and let us show you just how easy and benificial this device can be for your business!

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