A complete point cloud software



Classify your objects 3x faster and focus on the most important aspects of your projects, in just a few steps.


Maximize your budget with complete software. VisionLidar easily replaces more than 4 traditional solutions.


Get the most out of your investment after a few months of usage thanks to the efficient workflow VisionLidar provides.

It’s now possible to visualize, process, classify, segment, animate, and edit Point Clouds in one single software - VisionLiDAR.

No more restrictions based on large point files; VisionLiDAR can read and process an infinite number of points to allow you to work with large Point Clouds in one single file. Process Point Clouds from ALS, TLS, and MLS for all your civil engineering, land surveying, architecture, BIM, transportation, mines, quarry, and forestry projects thanks to VisionLiDAR.


VisionLIDAR Standard 


  • Import LAS, LAZ, E57, PTS, CSV, X3A, FLS, LSPROJ

  • Export to LAS, LAZ, E57, PTS, HTML

  • Dynamic viewing: zoom, pan, rotation, lock axis

  • Aerial, terrestrial and mobile scans can be combined in a project

  • Classification and segmentation of point clouds

  • Registration using least squares or using a list of points

  • View by RGB, intensity, normals, class, scans

  • View objects by wireframe or shading

  • Create extractions of elements

  • Grid simplification

  • Intelligent 3D fence (inside or outside)

  • Measurement tools (distance, angle, perimeter, area, elevation and path)

  • Building facade analysis with PDF reporting

  • Colour shading of elevation with PDF reporting

  • Automatic plane detection

  • Surface creation (TIN) and bare earth extraction

  • Dynamic 3D profile view

  • Dynamic 3D cross-section view

  • Automatic tree measurements (dendrometry)

  • Web sharing (export to Potree)

  • Magnifier and edge locator

  • Fly-through with output to video in AVI format

  • Image capturing in JPEG or PNG format

  • Create polyline tool to create polylines freely or on a plane

  • Export to planimetric orthophotos (GTIFF)

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts



Perpetual and Subscription licenses are available for both single and multi user accounts.


$2185 per year


VisionLIDAR Premium


  • Standard features PLUS:

  • SQLite or Access (MDB) database connection

  • Point management using PCode standards from DOT or other

  • Point creation and selection

  • Cylinder detection tool

  • Chain and point connectivity management

  • Alignment management with horizontal and vertical curves

  • Edge detection (sidewalks, barriers, fence)

  • Centreline detection and detection of road markings by intensity

  • Road geometry extraction from intensity

  • Catenary detection (power lines)

  • Building footprint modelization and surface by section creation

  • Surface management (surface modification, add holes, add break-lines, etc.)

  • Adaptive 3D templates for modelization of roads and tunnels

  • Export surfaces to DXF, SHP, MID, LandXML and VisionPlus database

  • Export alignments to LandXML and VisionPlus database

  • Export chains to DXF, SHP, MID and VisionPlus database

  • Earthwork calculations (cut and fill)

  • Surface and volume calculations

  • Contour line creation

  • Intelligent simplification of aerial data

  • Rooftop detection for aerial data

  • Classification management for aerial data

  • Solid volumes for overhangs and vertical surfaces

  • Meshing for solid features

  • Export vector features to DXF, SHP, MID, GeoJSON, KML and LandXML

  • Corridor management for efficient processing

  • Annotations, measurements and spherical images exported to Potree

  • Overlay of spherical images on the point cloud

  • Colourize point clouds from spherical imagery

  • Create spherical images from the point cloud

  • Create survey points using photogrammetry

  • Automatic detection of objects from groupings of points (clusters)

  • Compare two scans with PDF reporting

Perpetual and Subscription licenses are available for both single and multi user accounts.


$3839 per year


VisionLIDAR Ultimate


  • Standard & Premium features PLUS:

  • Connectivity with AutoCAD,

  • MicroStation, PowerDraft or BricsCAD

  • Field data calculation from total station

  • Field data calculation from GPS

  • Least squares adjustment of field data

  • Point group management

  • Chain group management

  • CAD standards management for points, lines and chains

  • Management of notes and photos

  • Management of parcels according to the topology

  • Dynamic building siting

  • Cogo functions

  • Import points from ASCII files

  • UTM, MTM, Lat/Long and other projection transformations

  • Curve management tool

  • Line intersection calculation tool

  • Least squares adjustment for points, lines, polygons and curves

  • Point and chain drawing management

  • Preferences for displaying surfaces, profiles, and sections

  • Alignments in 2D or 3D

  • Combined scale factor for distances, surfaces and volumes

  • Ground and grid distances

  • Multi-user database usage

  • Draw sectional and profile views directly in the CAD

  • Import existing vector data into VisionLidar

  • Advanced TIN editing capabilities



Perpetual and Subscription licenses are available for both single and multi user accounts.


$5489 per year