BLK3D Early Bird Package:

- Leica BLK3D 

- 1 yr BLK3D Mobile Early Bird License 

- BLK3D rugged case 

- BLK3D screen protector glass foil 

- BLK3D LED lamp 

- BLK3D battery and battery charger 

- USB Power adapter with micro-USB cable 

875428 1 yr BLK3D Desktop Early Bird License 


Leica BLK3D | Early Bird Package

R114 770,00Price


​The BLK3D is designed to make your measurements faster and easier to take within any picture you can capture with the device. It will help you fully document your work, including as-built conditions and project progress.

- Get Meassurement

- Create Floor Plans (on site or at the office)

- Take photos

- Make notes

- Creating working floor plans (with notes, dimensions, images and more)