We provide solutions for documenting and mapping volumetric based environments. Our mobile 3D lidar 

scanning service helps capture accurate, real time point cloud data for new construction projects, asbuilts, forestry, mining and inventory management without causing disruption.

Whether you are in construction, architecture, engineering, forestry, mining, or insurance our 3D scanning technology and services can be used across a number of use cases to accurately capture and manage data in a convenient and cost-saving manner.

  • Get accurate site & volumetric measurements

  • Real-time point cloud data to analyse or convert to CAD enabled files

  • Create Virtual Tours of your project, property or business

  • Update your Google Street View

  • Project manage / Risk assessment / Tolerance Checks for your build

  • Get accurate, to scale floor plans 

Whether you are a one-man-band or large corporate firm we have a number of services that can be tailored

to suit your needs.

Alongside our service packages, we offer a range of software and hardware applications to help you manage

your business and improve your workflows - saving you time and money while minimising errors! 

From updating your Google street view, Virtual Reality Tours, mapping out your next big construction project

or better managing your stockpile while cutting back on wastage we have the perfect set of tools and services

to suit your needs and your budget.

Feel free to get in touch or pop over to our Services page to view our full range of offerings.


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